6 Tips and Tricks For Creating The PERFECT Blog Post


Want to write the PERFECT blog post?

Interested in flooding your website with sales boosting traffic?

Need to rapidly grow your audience?

…Then it’s time to up your blogging game!

A great article will build your authority, grow your following and of course, attract more customers.

But with thousands of blogs swarming the internet, how do you stand above the crowd?

Well, here’s 6 easy tricks for creating the PERFECT blog that your audience will love…

1. Pick A Killer Blog Topic

Wondering what makes a great blog topic? You need to focus on your audience.

It’s all about analyzing their fears, desires and motivation…

…Figure that out and you’ll understand what makes them tick!

So here’s a few tricks for picking a winning blog topic idea:

  • Solve a problem – e.g. how to articles & tutorials.
  • Make it relevant & focused towards your niche.
  • Provoke an emotional reaction.
  • Offer a unique twist on your chosen topic.

If you want some blog topic inspiration, head over to Buzzsumo…


Buzzsumo is a HUGE help in pinpointing killer topics your readers will love…

Here you’ll discover the most popular articles for whatever niche you’re working in. Simply search for your keywords, look at the top ranking articles and figure out a new twist on them.

2. Craft A Magnetic Headline

A great headline will reel in your audience, drive more clicks and boost your social shares.

…And a poor headline will kick your brand in the gonads!

Here’s the deal: No matter how good your content is, if your headline sucks it’s game over.

So make sure you write a magnetic headline.

8/10 people will read your headline copy – only 2/10 will read the rest!

Here’s a few headline styles you can use & even combine to drive more clicks (with examples):

Benefit focused

  • 25 Copywriting Statistics To Nail Your Content Strategy
  • 25 Easy Ways to Look Younger Now


  • Learn How to Stand Up to Your Boss (and Force Him to See What You’re Really Worth)
  • An Anti-Aging Prescription Wrecked My Skin—Here’s How I Fixed It.

List Posts

  • 23 Ways To Write Catchy Headlines
  • 9 Tips for Writing Great Headlines in 2017

Problem solving headlines

  • 5 Smart and Effective Ways to Get Rich
  • How To Get Rich: A 7-Step Blueprint For Success

Once you’ve crafted your headline, test it!

Check out CoSchedule’s headline analyzer, get your headline ranked out of 100 and then tweak it to perfection.

Need more help? Grab some game changing tips for mind-blowing headlines here.

3. Stop Freakin’ Waffling!

55% of people read a blog for 15 seconds or less!

…So when it comes to blogging, waffling is banned. Your blog needs to be really concise and straight to the point.

Fail to do that and your audience will quickly switch off.


You see, your readers are constantly bombarded with information – emails, notifications, social media – they literally have no time to spare!

So if you want your audience to ACTUALLY read your article, you need to get straight to the point.

Here’s a few copywriting tips to keep your readers engaged:

  • Use simple, emotive language.
  • Keep your paragraphs short. Like 3-4 lines max.
  • Sprinkle your blog with bullet points.
  • Split up your text with images.
  • Capitalize CRUCIAL words you’d like to emphasize.

Remember, you’re not writing an academic essay here!

You should be delivering concise, gripping articles that your readers can digest very quickly.

4. Include TONS of Value in Your Blog Post

You need to blow your reader’s mind with rich content that inspires them…


By making it incredibly useful!

Over 90% of people share a blog post because they think it might be useful to other people.

So whether it’s a ‘how to’ post, a tutorial or game-changing advice, your blog should be solving a problem for your readers:

…Help them out.

…Give them insider secrets.

…Guide them in making better informed decisions.

And overall, create great content that helps your readers move towards more success.

5. Build Your Authority

We live in a world where almost everyone has a blog!

So to make yours stand out, you need to prove your authority. Nail this and you’ll quickly grow your following whilst generating more loyal readers.

Wondering how to oooooze authority in every blog post?

Here’s some of the top ways to improve your blog’s credibility…


As you can see, quality content, great design and regular content will vastly improve your blog’s authority.

Your audience will read your blog when they believe you’re the expert. So prove it!

6. Nail Your On-Page SEO

Google loves fresh, rich content. Deliver that consistently and your rankings WILL soar!

And higher rankings = more clients, customers & sales.

But the SEO game is constantly evolving – and on-page SEO is becoming increasingly important.

You need to stay one step ahead if you’re going to beat your competitors.

Here’s a few technical tweaks to optimize your blog for SEO:

  • Use your target keyword within your first 100 words.
  • Don’t overuse your keywords. Sprinkle them naturally across your article.
  • Make your URLs SEO friendly.
  • Add outbound links to other relevant websites.
  • Include similar keywords in your article…often referred to as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).
  • The higher your click-through-rate on Google, the better. So optimize your blog meta title and meta description to ensure they instantly grab your reader’s attention.

Serious about boosting your Google rankings and reaching thousands of customers? Then grab even more rank boosting SEO tips here.

Kickass Content Will Deliver YOU Results.

As you now know, there’s so much more to blogging than just writing…

A great blog delves into your reader’s psyche – provoking emotion, solving problems and delivering mind blowing content.

And that’s exactly how the above tricks will help!

From a winning headline to providing a ton of value, these are the foundations to creating a winning blog.

Have any questions? Drop me a message in the comments section below & I’ll be happy to help!

Julian-GoldieAuthor Bio

Julian Goldie is a digital nomad that works online & travels the world.

His blog – King Passive – teaches you free tips & tricks for starting your own online business.

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