6 Online Sales Secrets Revealed in Controversial Marketing Twitter Chat

Last night I had the pleasure of being the special featured guest on the marketing tweet chat #MMchat.

The tweet chat was hosted by fellow IBM futurist Jeff Ashcroft via his social account @TheSocialCMO.

We covered five different questions about online sales.

The conversation got controversial when the validity of email marketing, pricing and more came into question.

Is email marketing dead?

Is pricing lower than the competition a terrible idea?

Find out my thoughts below!

Q1: OK, here we go @Garin! What is the easiest way to get started making sales online? #MMChat

Q2: What are some good strategies for making sales with social media @Garin? #MMChat

Q3: @Garin, What are some good affiliate marketing programs that you find help to drive online sales these days?

Q4: Do you think email is still a good way to make sales online?

Q5:¬†What are some other good ways you’ve discovered to make more money from online sales?


Marketing is constantly changing as social media and the web evolves.

Strategies that work great today might not work in the future so an effective marketing strategy is a flexible one that can change with the times.

Being featured on #MMchat was a fun experience.

Next time I am on a Twitter chat I will do more pre-chat promo for sure so we can get even more people engaged in the conversation.

And stay tuned for an epic blog post on the topic of making more sales with 118 awesome tips coming soon!


What is your favorite insight from the tweet chat above?

Do you have a different take on any of the topics?

Share your thoughts with a comment below!

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