Make More Sales: 118 Surefire Sales Tips and Strategies


When you take action to make more sales you increase the profit potential of your business.

The stronger your sales and customer base is the better off your business is overall.

Customers and sales are key metrics that are often used to value a company.

A scarcity of sales is what causes a business to fail.

Sales and cash flow are needed for a business to survive, cover business expenses, earn a profit and thrive.

In this blog post I will strive to deliver powerful info to help you make more sales online so your business can make more money and reach the next level of marketing success!

Let’s dive in.

1. Start Blogging

Blogging is a powerful free way to tap into the massive potential of organic Google traffic.

Blogs with quality content are traffic magnets and then that traffic can be monetized in many ways, several of which this post will cover.

Self hosted blogs are assets that can even be sold.

Currently I have earned five figures of income selling blogs on the auction website Flippa.

A more sustainable profit plan is to build a blog and earn income from it on an ongoing basis, however it’s worth keeping in mind that you can have large windfalls with blogging as well when a site you decide to sell is acquired.

2. Build an Email List

Perhaps the most frequently cited saying in Internet marketing is “The money is in the list.”

People say it so often because it is so true!

Once you have a list there are many ways to monetize it.

You can promote your offers, promote someone else’s offers as an affiliate, or even sell “solo ads” to other people who want to promote their product or list.

3. Target Profitable Keywords

Not all traffic is created equal.

Ranking in Google or advertising on the right keywords will create far more income than simply going after the keywords with the most traffic potential.

One way to determine what keywords are profitable is to see how many people are advertising on those terms.

Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to traffic.

Quality traffic is traffic that is relevant to your business and converts on the offers you make.

4. Earn Income With Freelance Work


Freelancing can be a profitable pursuit if you are willing to put the work in and produce.

Some of the most in demand freelance positions include:

  • Writing
  • Programming
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Translating
  • Design

And some of the best places to find freelance work online include:

  • UpWork (Considered by many to be the best place to find a freelancer. Plenty of competition with many high paying jobs as well)
  • Freelancer (Similar to UpWork but with more of a focus on programming and design)
  • oDesk (Large marketplace with many International workers who tend to drive down the prices of jobs)

5. Write a Sales Page

A sales page is salesmanship in print.

Your sales page is a version of your sales pitch that can make sales for you 24/7/365.

If you have a product or service to sell a sales page will help you sell more of it.

6. Integrate PayPal Into Your Sales Page

PayPal is perhaps the easiest way to get started accepting payments or enrolling subscriptions online.

A basic PayPal account has no monthly fee and setting up a buy now or subscribe payment button is easy to do and only takes a few minutes to set up.

7. Focus Your Offer

You can increase your sales easily when your offer is focused more precisely.

The more relevant your offer is to your audience the more likely they will be to convert.

With the robust advertising options available these days it is possible to target the specific people your offer is intended for so there is no reason not to make an offer for a focused niche.

8. Be Honest in Your Sales Copy

Honesty and trust go hand in hand.

Sales expert Joe Sugarman put it like this:

“If I had to pick the single most powerful force in advertising and selling —the most important psychological trigger— I would pick honesty. Selling must be an honest profession.”

Don’t make claims you can’t back up with proof and don’t promise something you can’t deliver.

Sell a product that really helps people and be honest about the benefits you can deliver and you’re golden!

9. Get Testimonials

Even the best copywriter in the world can only get so far without testimonials.

The psychology behind testimonials is simple: Having someone else say that you are awesome is far more believable than if you say you are awesome.

10. Offer a Money Back Guarantee

The stronger your guarantee is the more trustworthy your offer will be.

Offering a no questions asked money back guarantee shows that you have confidence in your product and its ability to deliver results.

11. Market to Your Existing Leads

It is easier to increase your sales online by marketing to people who already know you, rather than people who have never heard of you before.

There are several ways to do this.  One powerful way is to email your list often.  Strive to add value with every email and promote your offers in a natural way.

Another method is re-marketing.  By plugging your leads list into a re-marketing campaign you can reach your leads elsewhere on the web and remind them of your offer.

12. Target Look-alike Audiences

One of the best ways to increase online sales is to use the data you have about your existing customers to find people just like them.

Facebook allows you to do this through the targeting of lookalike audiences.

13. Split Test Your Sales Page

By split testing elements of your sales page you can make ongoing improvements that will improve your conversion rate. The better your conversion rate is the more sales online you will be able to make.

A few different sales page elements you can test are:

  • Your Headline
  • Text vs Video
  • Price Point
  • Trial Offer
  • Bonuses
  • And more

Just make sure to focus on testing one thing at a time as multi-variate testing makes it difficult to determine what was responsible for the change in sales.

14. Reduce Ordering Friction

An abandoned shopping cart does not automatically translate to a lost sale.

75% of shoppers who have abandoned shopping carts say they plan to return to the retailer’s website or store to make a purchase, according to data from SeeWhy.

By re-marketing to those who abandoned cart and offering an incentive for them to convert you can make more sales more easily than if you marketed to people who are unfamiliar with your offer.

15. Use High Quality Images

Studies show that well-presented food actually tastes better than sloppily plated dishes.

Given how important appearance is in relation to how we perceive things it stands to reason that investing in quality product photography will have a similar effect on visitors to your site.

Premium design makes it easier to make more sales at premium prices.

16. Use Your Phone

People who call you are warm leads and are practically begging you to sell them something.

Listing your phone number on your sales page is a smart way to increase trust and makes it easier to convert sales.

17. Track Your Stats

Enable Google Analytics so you know where your traffic is coming from, what pages are performing best, and other data that will help you make more sales.

The easiest way to integrate Google Analytics with WordPress that I have found is with the free plugin Google Analyticator.

18. Use Different Traffic Sources

Track your traffic sources and see which source of traffic produces the most sales for you.

The more traffic channels you have the more reliable and indestructible your traffic is.

Certainly it makes sense to invest the most effort into the traffic source that is producing best, and the more channels you can get to produce positive results the better.


19. Connect Your Website With Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a powerful tool for increasing your targeted traffic

Within search console Google literally tells you what keywords your content is ranking for, your ranking position, and click through rates.

By identifying the product pages for your business that are ranking just outside of page one for certain keywords you can strategically update your content, improve your rankings, and get more qualified prospects to your site.

20. Conquer Every Objection in Your Copy

Write down a list of reasons why someone might not buy your product.

Then make sure you have at least one positive sentence that conquers every reason why someone might not buy your offer.

21. Use the Power of Free

Offer a free trial of your product or service.

Although this will attract some “freebie seekers” who never intended to buy it will also cause more conversions overall and the net effect will likely be that you increase your sales online.

22. Offer a High Priced Premium Product

Offering a high priced offer, such as premium coaching or consulting, will help you increase your sales online and overall profit by creating more customers and bringing in more income.

Typically about 10% of people will take you up on an offer that is 10X the price provided the value being offered is still compelling.

Offering a premium product also makes your lower priced offers seem like better value by contrast.

23. Make Your Value Proposition Crystal Clear

The more easily you can explain your product or service the better.

The value proposition from Uber can be distilled down to six words: Tap an app, get a ride.


Relevance, value and how you differentiate your product are three things to consider.

  • Relevance: How your product/service will solve customers’ problems.
  • Value: The specific benefits your product/service offers.
  • Differentiation: Why customers should buy from you and not a competing company.

Take a look at your landing page copy, sales collateral, and other marketing materials. Is the value proposition immediately obvious?

If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.  Confusion about an offer is a sales killer.

Everything your prospects see should tie back to your value proposition in one way or another.

The greater the perceived value you can create surrounding your products or services the more sales you’ll make.

24. Optimize For Mobile

The less mobile friendly your website is the less sales you will make.

Want to find out if your web page is mobile friendly?

Use this free mobile site tester from Google.


25. Match Your Landing Page to Your Price Point

Paid traffic expert Justin Brooke suggests if your offer is under $100 to send traffic straight to a sales page.

Offers over $100 he recommends sending to an opt-in page to capture the lead first and then establish rapport and trust before asking for the sale.

26. Implement an Email Auto-responder Sequence

An autoresponder email sequence is when a series of emails are deployed after someone joins your list.

Ideally you should aim to have at least 7 emails pre-loaded and ready to go.

My friend John Reese who is the first Internet Marketer to make a million dollars in a day online recommends delivering a value packed seven day email eCourse and then promoting your offer on day seven as one of the best ways to make more sales online.

27. Capture Emails Aggressively

The bigger your list is the easier it will be for you to increase your sales online by marketing to it.

Want some ideas for growing your list? Check out this post for 50 ways to get more leads.

28. Talk To Your Prospects on Social Media

Providing fast and honest answers to questions that potential customers have about your offerings on social media is an excellent way to increase sales

Look at Gary V.  He’s crushing it because of all of the work he puts in both with the content he produces on social media and all of the engagement he does.  Right now he has 159,000+ tweets and it seems to me that he hustles just as hard on every other platform.

If you don’t have 100,000+ tweets you can definitely be doing more and that’s coming from someone who is still a far way off from that milestone as well.

Social media marketing is great for promotion, feedback, support and more.

Hitting social media hard is one of the best ways for you to increase your sales online and it does not have to cost you a dime.

29. Use Remarketing

According to Wordstream remarketing is arguably the single most effective way to increase sales online.

Remarketing is when you show an ad to a prospect who is already familiar with your offer, but has not converted yet.

By showing your sales message in a different format (showing a sales video to someone who saw a text only sales page) you can get more of your prospects to buy and your sales will increase.

30. Use the Word “You” in Your Sales Copy More

By using the word “you” in your sales copy more often people will be more likely to relate to your messaging.

This will cause more of your sales message to be consumed and more sales to be made.

31. Stack Your Bonuses

Offer a limited-time price discount where visitors must buy before a certain date in order to qualify for the discount.

Offer additional bonuses for free if visitors buy within a certain time frame.

Offer only a limited quantity of your products or services.

Offer a limited quantity bonus.

32. Add a Live Chat Widget

Having a live chat widget is a great way to get people who might be on the fence to take action and convert on your offer.

The more ways you are accessible to your customers the better.  Prospects will be more likely to convert into customers knowing they can contact you for support if they need help with your product.

The live chat solution I use is called Get Site Control and it integrates easily with WordPress.

Other options that have been recommended to me are Bontact and Drift.

33. Make Sales From Your Facebook Page

Facebook pages are awesome for a number of reasons and one of them is how you can use a Facebook page to make sales.

You can increase your sales online with Facebook pages in a number of ways such as:

  • With an eCommerce App
  • With a Buy Now CTA Button
  • With Status Updates Promoting Your Products and Services
  • With Facebook Live Broadcasts
  • And more!

34. Make It Easy For New Customers to Share Their Purchase

On the post purchase thank you page have social media share buttons ready to go so your customers can easily share their purchase with their friends.

35. Optimize Your Sales Pages for Speed

According to KISS Metrics if an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

Even if your site is not on the six figure a day level having a faster site will cause more people to convert and fewer to bounce, so it is worth your while to make your site as fast as possible.

Additionally Google has openly stated that page speed is a factor in their ranking algorithm so the faster your site is the easier it will attract free organic traffic from Google.

Google even has a page speed insights tool that can help you optimize your site for speed.

Another way you can speed up your site is to optimize all of your jpeg images using a tool like JPEGmini, which can make your JPEG’s up to 80% smaller with no decrease in size.


36. Offer Free Shipping

Shipping is a cost that many people would rather avoid.

Offering free shipping at certain price levels (on orders over $100 for example) can help you increase your sales of physical products.

37. Increase Your Sales Online With Videos

Videos are a powerful way to make sales online.

If you have a text based sales page currently testing it against a video sales page offers an opportunity for a significant improvement in sales.

Hybrid text and video sales pages are also powerful and offer a great opportunity to show off your product in ways pictures cannot.

38. Upsell Your Products

Once a first sale is made there is emotional momentum created and making the second sale is much easier than the first.

The strategy of offering a “tripwire” product is when a low priced offer is used to create a buyer.

Once the initial sale is made upsells are used to maximize the number of sales per purchase.

39. Make Sales with Instagram

Instagram can be an incredible marketing force, especially when you have a visually appealing product.

Indeed many millions have been made using Instagram as the primary marketing method.

Some ways to make sales and income with Instagram include:

  • Becoming an affiliate and making a commission selling other brands’ products .
  • Creating and selling a physical or digital product, or offering a paid service.
  • Selling your photography.

40. Send Email Campaigns More Often

Without a doubt, email is one of the most powerful channels when it comes to driving

According to the Direct Marketing Association email has an ROI of around 4,300%.

From my experience the best way to increase your email marketing is to email your list more often.

Check out this post for more tips on increasing sales with emails.

41. Install a Facebook Pixel

Installing a Facebook pixel does not cost a dime and will enable you to re-target those people who visit your sales page but have not yet converted.

There are several videos on YouTube showing how you can do this so when you are ready for this step that is the place I recommend you go for a how to video.

42. Make Sales With Social Media

Social media is a powerful way to make sales.

Post daily on social media and if you are delivering value the results will come.

Rather than going straight for the sale use social media to gain trust with your audience and deliver value first.

When you deliver results in advance your conversion and follower retention rates will be far better than if you are constantly promoting your products without delivering valuable content for your audience.

43. Use Images to Make More Sales

The best way to increase engagement on Facebook is by including images within your posts.

Photos on Facebook have been shown to generate over 50% more likes than the average post, likely because they take up more space in the news feed.

Using images also enables others to share your content on networks built around images, like Instagram and Pinterest.

For this reason I recommend square images with a minimum resolution of 600 x 600 pixels.

44. Do More Networking in Real Life

There is truth in the statements “The more hands you shake the more money you’ll make” and “Your network determines your net worth.”

Learn how to find meetups in your area and use them to help make important industry connections and ultimately promote your brand.

45. Integrate Recurring Revenue Into Your Business

With a continuity program in your business you can make a sale once and get paid from that conversion over and over again.

There are many benefits to the recurring revenue model, one of the main ones being that it provides predictable revenue that enables you to reinvest in your business more agressively.

46. Host a Webinar

Webinars are one of the most powerful ways to make more sales online.

There are several reasons for this.

For example webinars are a live event and as such any one time offers made on a Webinar are compelling, much more so than any offer made on a video sales page than can be accessed any time.

Another thing that helps Webinars with conversions is how they are typically content based, and by delivering value up front you prove that you are the “real deal” and capable of creating results.

47. Create Joint Venture Partnerships

Joint venture partnerships are a great way to generate sales for your business, while helping a business partner generate sales for their business as well.

JV partnerships are awesome and can work even if only one person has a product to sell.

For example, when someone partners with me and promotes Marketing Income Lab I offer them 50% recurring commissions for the life of all customers they help create.

48. Sell Stuff on eBay

When I was on vacation in Mexico I met a man who explained to me how he had paid for his families vacation entirely with money he made from eBay.

He said he would go around to garage sales in the summer and buy things like rotary phones, other antiques, and Pokemon cards for next to nothing and then sell these things on eBay for much more than he paid.

49. Use Craigslist

I’ve sold multiple cars I’ve owned in the past on Craigslist and found marketing work there as well.

Perhaps the easiest way to launch any business is through Craigslist.

Started in 1995, Craigslist has been providing the world a mostly free marketplace to sell just about anything.

50. Delegate

By focusing on the tasks that generate the most sales and delegating the rest you are able to scale up and produce better results than if you had tried to do everything yourself.

Delegation gives you more time freedom so you can run your business efficiently and maximize sales.

51. Test Different Headlines

Advertising legend David Ogilvy was famous for saying that:

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

For some great headline tips check out this post on how to write great headlines.

52. Test Different Email Subject Lines

If emails you send do not get opened they will never create results that produce sales.

Your subject lines are what get your emails opened, so test them.

Some email service providers like Aweber give you the ability to A/B split test your email subject lines.

This means 50% of people you send an email broadcast will get one subject line, and the other 50% will get a different one.

Using this strategy enables you to determine which subject line is better, which is especially helpful if you are going to put that email into an auto-responder follow up sequence.

53. Add a Trust Seal to Your Sales Page

Mention 100% Safe and Secure in your cart and checkout pages.

Reducing visitor’s purchase worry on these pages (where it will be highest) is key for reducing cart abandonment and increasing sales.

Add this simple wording with a trust seal will really help.

On my marketing membership site the Marketing Income Lab I use a McAfee trust seal and it came with the SSL certificate I bought from GoDaddy.

54. Test Your Funnel

Putting yourself in the shoes of your customer and going through your buying process will help you identify any friction in your funnel.

Fix any friction in your funnel immediately so sales can flow smoothly.

55. Test Your Sales Page

Run a free test at FiveSecondTest to find what your visitors think.

It’s important to understand your visitor’s initial reactions to your site – if they don’t understand it, they won’t stick around and convert.

56. Invest In Quality Copywriting

Copywriting can help you create more sales than anything else in your business.

Great quality copywriting is not cheap (Often five figures or more, if you can even find a quality copywriter with the time to help) however it is often worth it since a great copywriter can produce additional sales that cover their cost and more.

If you can’t afford to invest tens of thousands of dollars into a compelling copywriting message the next best option is likely to

57. Choose a Static Image Over an Image Slider

Having a single flow helps you deliver a single powerful message.

An image slider delivers several messages and as such often leaves website visitors confused about what to do instead of compelled to take action.

58. Apply the “No Leakage” Concept to Your Sales Page

The no leakage concept is simple: Have no links on your sales page that will cause your prospects to “leak” out of your marketing funnel.

The more opportunities you give your visitors to click away they more of them will leave your sales page and never return.

Ideally a sales page should have a buy button, small footer links, and that’s it.

For the footer links a contact link plus terms and conditions will help your conversions, however even with these links I recommend you set them to “Open link in new tab” so your sales video will remain open.

59. Preview Your Sales Page In Multiple Browsers

Using the tool Browserling or Browserstack you can test your sales page across several browsers.

If one of these tools helps you identify a problem with how your sales page is displaying in a common browser it can help you save several sales over time.

60. Tell a Story in Your Sales Copy

Tell a story about how you solved this problem for yourself before you started selling the solution to others.

Let readers put themselves in your shoes.

Let the prospect feel “Wow, this person is a lot like me.”

61. Appeal to Emotion

Making a purchase is an emotional action.

For this reason your sales copy should hit on as many emotional hot buttons as possible.

The more emotional reasons you can give for people to buy your product the better.

62. Justify With Logic

People buy with emotion, and then justify those emotional buying decisions with logic.

When you’re describing logical benefits, translate anything you can into numbers.

(And don’t round them off. Highly specific figures are more convincing.)

63. Put Your Face on Your Sales Page

When you put your face on your sales page it shows that you are personally standing behind whatever

64. Be Bold in Asking for the Sale

Have you asked for the sale boldly and forcefully?

Ask directly and make sure to reiterate this point as it is vital to making the sale.

65. Make More Sales With Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are an awesome way to convey they results your product or service can deliver.

66. Don’t Offer Your Product to Everyone

By offering your product to fewer people you ironically often end up selling more.

This concept is known as “The Law of Sacrifice” in the book The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing.

One of the great first lines of all sales copy came from American Express: “Quite frankly, the American Express card is not for everyone.”

The reader immediately gets a little ego boost from assuming that the card is for special people like him.

The more you can make your prospects feel special and speak to them specifically, rather than everyone, the better.

67. Write to One Reader In Your Marketing Communication

Are you visualizing one reader when you write? Don’t write to a crowd — write for one perfect customer who you want to convince.

68. Promote Your Offer With a Podcast

Podcasts are powerful promotional tools.

Although your podcast should not be a pitch fest if you mention your product in a relevant way it can certainly help you create results.

69. Do Not Send Email From a “noreply” Address

Emails are an excellent opportunity to create conversations with prospects that can create new customers.

When you send newsletters or other promotional content from a noreply address you nip those opportunities in the bud.

Not only should you avoid a noreply address you should use the exact opposite approach: You should encourage people to reply.

The more conversations your team has with prospects the more opportunities you will have to turn those prospects into customers.

70. Put a Phone Number on Your Sales Pages

Putting a phone number on your sales page is a great trust building factor.

In the past I have closed sales quickly and easily by answering calls and answering a question or two the customer has.

71. Use a One Column Format for Your Sales Page

Does your sales page have distracting navigation leading your customers away?

(Worst of all are cheap-looking ads that pull people away for a penny or two.) Get rid of it.

Focus your reader’s attention on this offer with a one-column format stripped of distractions.

72. Use Numbers to Solidify Your Offer

Numbers are reassuring for your prospect and appeal to logic. Translate anything you can into numbers.

Leverage large stats related to your industry to get your prospects thinking big about the potential success your product or service can help deliver.

73. Repeat the Import Parts of Your Offer

Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself. Prospects often don’t read every word of the sales letter.

Find ways to restate your call to action, the most important benefits, and your guarantee.

74. Test Different Price Points

Test different prices to determine which one produces the best conversion rate.

Until you test your current price against other prices you will not know which price will make more sales.

75. Go to a Local Business Event

Most communities have a chamber of commerce and one or multiple groups of Entrepreneurs who meet up on a regular basis.

Often meetings of this nature are a great way to generate new customers for your business.

76. Use a Bold P.S.

How’s your P.S.?

(You do have a P.S. right?)

Is it compelling?

Typically you want to restate either the most interesting benefit, the guarantee, the urgency element, or all three.

77. Use Short Punchy Sentences

Make your copy as easy to read as possible.

Chunky blocks of dense text look like a burden to read and many readers will skip over them or surf away from the page they are found on.

Short and punchy sentences are better.

78. Use a Large Easy to Use Font Size

Not everyone has 20/20 vision.

Don’t lose customers because they can’t read your font, bump it up a size or two if you have any doubt that readers might have difficulty reading your text.

79. Appeal to Human Needs

Master copywriter Drayton Bird tells us every commercial offer should satisfy one or several of these 9 human needs:

  • Make money
  • Save money
  • Save time and effort
  • Do something good for your family
  • Feel secure
  • Impress other people
  • Gain pleasure
  • Improve yourself
  • Belong to a group
  • Make yourself irresistibly sexy to the romantic partner of your choice

Sex sells and is considered by many to be the strongest driver we have once eating and breathing are taken care of.

80. Make Customer Service a Priority

When your customer service is outstanding it will help you in a number of ways.

Awesome customer service will help you make more sales because the people you helped will be happy to do business with you again.

Great customer service will also help you get more customers when the people you provide great service to spread the word on social media.

Just the other day I had a great customer experience with my bank and shared it on Twitter.

81. Set Measurable Sales Goals

Set specific sales goals and then reverse engineer the actions needed to create them.

For example one of my goals is to help 1,000 people achieve greater financial freedom by joining the Marketing Income Lab.

That means if I sign up 3 people per day I will achieve that goal in 333 days.

82. Post Your Sales Goals on Your Office Wall

Never go a day without reviewing your goals.

The more you remind yourself of your sales goals, and your reasons for having them, the more likely you will be to take action and achieve them rather than doing something else.

83. Post Your Goals in Your Bedroom and Kitchen Too

More reminders means more brain power put towards the most powerful actions you can take to realize your goals.

Thinking about your goals before bed will help you use your subconscious mind to make your goals into reality.

Don’t just write sales targets as your goals, write the things those sales goals will help you realize: Your dream car, dream house, a vacation, and whatever else you truly desire.

84. Get Clear About Who Your Customers Are

Are most of your sales B2B or B2C?

Ultimately all customer are humans, and you should get to know your customers.

Create a buyer persona so you can target your messaging to appeal to that specific person.

The more relevant your marketing message is the more money it will make you.

85. Personalize Your Marketing

Personalizing your marketing is powerful.

Using your customers name in marketing communication to them is a great strategy to use.

The more personal you can make your marketing (without being creepy) the more sales you will make.

86. Identify the Problem Clearly

What kind of problem does your customer have that you can solve? If you have identified your customer correctly, these people will pay you to solve their problem.

Sometimes the problems are obvious and clear.Sometimes the problems are not obvious, or unclear.Sometimes the problems do not exist for the customer. If the problem does not exist, the customer will not buy your product.

87. Develop a Competitive Advantage

What makes your business better than your competition?

Research your competition so you can identify ways to make your products and services more powerful and compelling than what they are offering.

88. Use Content Marketing and Guest Blogging

Some of the benefits of content marketing include:

  • More access to qualified leads.
  • More channels to sell your product.
  • Lower costs to acquire customers.

Make Money Selling Services Online

Selling services online is a great way to deliver value, earn income, and create relationships with clients that can extend long beyond the initial task.

89. Sell Services on Fiverr

Although five dollars is not a lot of money fiverr offers upgrade options so you can earn much more than five dollars per gig.

Recently I came across an interesting article on Forbes about three people making six figures a year on fiverr so if you don’t think serious money can be made there think again.

Personally I have bought a few documents and lists that I found on fiverr before and since selling those is as simple as creating a document once and then emailing it to whoever buys, it seems like an easy way to make money with fiverr without investing a ton of time.

90. Make Sales Online With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started making sales online.

The reason for this is because you can earn income by promoting products with proven sales funnels.

Another reason affiliate marketing is awesome is because you can promote products you already know and love.

If you want to do affiliate marketing on social media check out this post for some great tips.

91. Sell Products From The Clickbank Marketplace

Over 200,000,000 worldwide customers is just one of the reasons why Clickbank is a great marketplace that you can tap into to make more sales online.

Every month I get a check from Clickbank and I have been making sales from Clickbank for years so I can personally attest to the fact that it is possible to make sales as a Clickbank affiliate.

92. Commission Junction Affiliate Marketplace

Another place you can check out to find products to sell as an affiliate is commission junction.

93. Communicate With Confidence

Act decisively.

Customers want to do business with people who are confident, communicate clearly, and are professional.

94. Apple Affiliate Program

Apple has an affiliate program so if you think you can create sales of Apple products you should check it out.


Other Online Income Earning Ideas

More great ideas to help you make more money and take your success to the next level.

95. Offer Bitcoin as a Payment Option

The more payment options you offer the better.

Bitcoin is becoming more of a common currency every day so offering it as a payment option will help you make sales from the people who have it.

96. Service Selling Arbitrage

Just because you sell a service does not mean you have to be the one who delivers it.

When you buy services for an affordable price from a site like fiverr that leaves a good amount of margin for you to deliver for a fair price and still earn a healthy profit.

97. Flip a Website

Website flipping is a serious business.

I have earned $11,839 USD selling sites I have created on Flippa.

Making More Sales With a Membership Site

98. Create a Membership Site

Membership sites are an awesome business model because they shift the main focus from converting as many sales as possible to making site members as happy as possible.

In the next few tips I’ll get into different tools to use for creating a successful membership site.

99. Build Your Membership Site With Optimize Press

OptimizePress is a plugin and theme that you can use to do everything needed to set up a successful membership site.

From lead pages to sales pages, content pages, and even a membership script OptimizePress is a powerful solution that I personally use for my membership site the Marketing Income Lab.

100. Password Protect Your Content

By password protecting your premium content you create a gate that prospects can only unlock by becoming a customer.

And there is no limit to the amount of awesome value you include within your membership site.

The more content you create and deliver for members the better.

101. Create an Infographic Related to Your Product

Infographics are awesome for building buzz around your business.

102. Implement A Deadline

Scarcity is a powerful selling tool.

When there is a limited amount of time to act on an offer people are much more likely to take action and buy.

103. Launch an Affiliate Program

Launch an affiliate program you can set up an affiliate sign up page and create a list of people interested in being affiliates.

Your affiliate sign up page should sell your affiliates on why they should promote your product.

The more people who promote your product successfully the more sales you will make.

104. Create a Robust Affiliate Resources Page

The easier it is for people to promote the more people will.

Make it easy for your affiliates by providing them with:

  • Pre-written promotion emails
  • Pre-written social media posts
  • Website Graphic Ads
  • Custom Affiliate Links
  • And more

105. Offer Prizes For Affiliates

Offer incentives for affiliates to hit certain levels of sales by offering prizes.

In the past I have won both an iPad and a Kindle Fire for my promotion efforts towards different affiliate campaigns.

106. Make Sales Progress Every Day

Do one thing per day minimum above and beyond the regular tasks in your business that will help get your products into the hands of more customers.

Making more sales happens when more people see your offer.

When more people see your offer and more people take you up on your offer you will make more sales.

107. Make More Sales by Asking For The Sale

Once your offer is properly explained make sure you ask for the sale.

This may seem very simple, but many salespeople never ask for the sale.

108. Get More Sales From Your Existing Customers

It is easier to get another sale from someone who has purchased from you before than it is to convince someone new to buy.

Maybe they’re unaware of the full extent of products or services you offer, and how these can benefit them.

Consider offering coupons and make more sales by offering loyalty discounts to people who have purchased from you before.

109. Generate More Attention for Your Business

The more attention you get for your business the more people will become aware of your product.

More attention leads to more people moving through your marketing funnel and more sales for you.

To get more attention for your website check out these 101 ways to get more website traffic.

110. Improve Your Follow Up System

A common saying in sales that I have found to hold true is “The fortune is in the follow up.”

Improved productivity and follow up with help you increase your sales.

This requires careful and continuous follow-up with an increasing number of prospects and customers.

111. Get Input From Your Prospects

Use a quick survey to determine what your prospects are looking for, and then customize your offer to match what they are looking for.

112. Use Facebook Live

Facebook live can be a great way to drive sales as you can make one time offers and get people to take action.

113. Leverage LinkedIn More Often

LinkedIn is a professional social network so the more you engage and interact with your network there the more opportunities for business growth you will create.

114. Send Free Samples to Influencers

In the past I have gotten free custom shirts, care packages, gift cards and more.

Although I can not speak for other influencers I know I always shout out whoever sent me the free stuff.

This is a relatively low cost way to create connections with influencers and get them posting about your business.

  1. Go The Extra Mile

In our age of increasing automation and digital marketing custom communication that is personalized works better than ever.

Hand written cards and custom emails sent from your personal email address show that you give a damn and are willing to go the extra mile.

And when you go the extra mile you get the extra sales.

116. Create More Content Related to Your Products

This blog post is a great example of how you can deliver value related

117. Make it Easy to Buy

Instead of asking for a million different details about a person in order for them to buy keep it as simple as possible.

A great way to do this is a two step order process, where a name and email is captured in step one, and payment details are entered in step two.

118. Ask For Referrals

Asking your existing customers to refer new customers is one of the most powerful ways to make more sales and expand your customer base.


There are many ways to make more sales and earn money online.

Sales is not a dirty word: Making sales is essential for any business to thrive and the more ways you have to make sales the better.

By learning how to make more sales you empower yourself with the ability to earn the income needed for financial freedom and independence.

The more sales you make the better you will be able to provide for you and your family.

Want My Help Making More Sales?

Join my membership site the Marketing Income Lab and I’ll be happy to help you take your sales and your income to the next level!


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