15 Incredible Inbound Marketing Ideas


The inbound marketing ideas you apply in your marketing strategy will largely determine the amount and quality of leads and customers you are able to create.

Digital marketing is a quickly changing industry so it is important to stay on top of trends to gain an edge on your competition.

With changing technology comes evolving opportunities to maximize your digital marketing.

To stay on top your strategy needs to keep pace with emerging technology.

As someone working in inbound marketing it’s your responsibility to use up-to-date tools and tactics to their best advantage.

Here are 15 ideas for creative, relevant, and insightful inbound marketing strategies in 2018:

1. Deliver Quality Content

Creating attention for your products has plenty to do with producing valuable content.

Content comes in many different forms — blog posts, interviews, and podcasts all apply.

Quality content is the trust building bridge between social media and your product.


Strive to deliver value and you will get great results.

Strive to simply sell and you will likely not do very well.

2. Social Media Giveaways

CallRail recently reported that 78 percent of new customers come to small businesses through social media.

While eye-grabbing and educational content is important, it’s not always the best way to retain followers.

Social media giveaways in exchange for shares, follows, interaction or conversation may be the next effective way of doing that.

Think about the content you share before you post it — is what you are producing something you would repost?

Is this a giveaway you would care about?

When you are creating content you would share and look forward to seeing you are on to something.

3. Take Advantage of Bookmarkers

Social bookmarking sites — StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, and the like — are good for wicked fast sharing of your content.

With great reach comes great responsibility.

Online forums such as these can be very hostile to people who are only involved in their communities to sell them something.

However since you a smart marketer reading this blog you will only be sharing quality content so you won’t have to worry. 😉

4. Multi Your Media

With media content your strategy is far from complete if it stops at just pictures.

One of the best inbound marketing ideas you can use is to produce your marketing in a mix of multimedia that will appeal to all media preferences.

To make the most of your inbound content marketing utilize all of the media modalities and mediums you can.

It’s no surprise to anyone that videos are still effective and often attention grabbing for those new to your brand or product.

Podcasts are perfect for cross promotion by way of inviting guests on and, in turn, both your guest and you will benefit from podcast cross-promotion.


And of course pictures are great — they just can’t be the only thing you use!

Across your campaign, you need to utilize photos, videos, audio and more to reach people in the modality they prefer so you can maximize your reach and results.

There are potential customers all over the internet, so cover all platforms you can without spreading yourself thin.

Strive to maintain daily content on all networks you choose to use for the media you share.

5. Loosen up (A Little Bit)

There’s almost nothing worse than a brand that takes itself too seriously.

Companies like Wendy’s — yes, the fast food chain — kill it online because they’re not afraid to utilize memes, short Twitter jokes, and have a little fun with their followers.

Of course, you can overdo this, there are still aspects of professionalism to uphold.

Still adding some character and humanity to your brand is important.

Making people smile is always worth your while.

6. Leverage SEO Like a Pro

Staying up to date with websites like SEM Rush and Search Engine Land is important because not only will they give you plenty of information on external SEO work but internal, technical types of SEO.

When Google makes changes to its algorithm sites like those mentioned above will be among the first to cover the updates.


Listening to and taking their advice could be vital for better rankings, being more effectively crawled, and not being penalized.

If your WordPress website is self hosted like ours (We recommend BlueHost) you can install the powerful free plugin Yoast SEO.

Yoast is the #1 WordPress SEO plugin and simplifies the on page portion of SEO significantly.

7. Internal Link Building on the DL

This comes back to quality content.

Even though you’re trying to build brand loyalty, you need to use your own resources as if you weren’t.

Write, link, and reference your internal resources as if they are authorities on the matter. 

Perhaps the most surefire way to create links to your site is to build them yourself.

Use the “Open link in new window” checkbox in WordPress or rel=”_blank” code tag so the links you reference open in a new tab and do not take your readers away from the page at hand.

8. Personalized Email Giveaways

Personalized e-mail giveaways are different than social media giveaways in how they target their audience.

They’re usually specific to followers who have done something.

Examples of a personalized email giveaway would be giving a product or discount when someone signs up for a mailing list or has been a regular customer for a certain amount of years.

To make the most of your marketing make it exclusive, worthwhile, and clever in presentation.

9. Write, Write, Write


Content is king, and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

Offer your readers helpful advice, actual good content and try sharing it on your website as well as others (see guest posts).

And don’t forget your SEO — focus on your audience, but format it for Google.

10. Benefit Packed Landing Pages

Don’t be fooled — landing pages are absolutely effective.

Not only should you use them, but you should follow the working examples of those who have gone before you.

Now, landing pages should appeal to the people you’re trying to reach which is why many websites opt to make multiples of them.

By definition they serve the purpose of driving conversions and are separate from the rest of your website, which means you have to specify your audience with them.

Clear designs, clear messages, and appealing offers are a must in these cases.

However, the best landing page in the world may not effectively sell a bad product.

The offer and the product must be so appealing that the landing page makes sense or else you’re wasting time for the site goer and yourself.

11. Smart Syndication

Syndications, as covered here before, will potentially drive SEO value to your website in addition to having your content shared across the entire web.

You need to be wise with this because a lot of syndicated content on the web is put out by obvious content marketers that have no idea how to write!

Additionally, you need to be wary of what websites syndicate your content.

So make sure you carefully research any syndication sites you go through so Google doesn’t mark you as spammy.

12. Add Fun Elements Like Quizzes

Is there a way to keep your website to the point but also make it enjoyable for the user to spend time on?

Developing online games, creating Buzzfeed-eque quizzes, and producing informative videos are good ways to create this kind of feel on your website.

Featuring a quiz can also be a great way to get more leads.

By asking for contact information in exchange for quiz results you will likely have a healthy conversion rate as quiz takers will already have invested time into completing the quiz and will want to know their score.

13. Customer Communication

In 2018, there is no excuse to not have clear personal communication with those supporting your brand.

Social media does what letters, phone calls, and email requests before it couldn’t do: it offers a way for customers to casually and quickly interact with those they’re buying from.

If your customers feel like their product problems aren’t being handled or their questions aren’t being answered, that’s most likely on you.

Brand loyalty will be strengthened with solid communication — because it’s what builds respect.

14. Authenticity and Transparency

Your customers know that people run social media pages, but they don’t know what kind of people do.

Introducing the internet to your team, how you run your operations, and what kind of lives you live outside your company is a good way to use your web presence.


Put a face to a name for your customers and you may find them interacting with — and buying from — you more.

15. Networking and Cross Promotion

Cross promotion is a powerful inbound marketing strategy and enables you to network with other audience owners while you create new promotion opportunities.

Instagram is a great place to do share for share (S4S) promotions and I describe how these work in my post about how to get more Instagram followers and likes.

Promoting another marketer is a great way to create good will and when you help someone out they are much more likely yo help you out as well.

Start by adding value for someone else and then approach them with an idea for working together where both parties will benefit.


Marketers should use all the tools available to them and build on them, especially with all that’s at their disposal in 2018.

What’s your creative new idea for inbound marketing in 2018?

Let us know with a comment below.

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