How To Get More Leads With Social Media


Social Media marketing is an awesome thing but in order to operate a profitable business you need to convert your followers and fans into leads and sales. Check out the infographic below and you’ll discover how to get more leads with social media.

To capture a lead you will need a lead capture page (also known as a landing or “squeeze” page) and an email marketing provider.

If you can afford it I recommend you start out with Aweber, the first month with them is only $1. With the Aweber form building tool you can easily build email capture forms and deploy them as sidebar forms, lightboxes or even as an app on your Facebook page.

If you don’t have any budget go with MailChimp. Their form builder is nowhere near as awesome so you will probably capture fewer leads but they will get the job done.

Another thing every effective social media lead capture form should do is promote a compelling lead magnet. For example I often promote my Social Media Strategy Guide. Videos, eCourses & Software are other great ideas for a lead magnet that will get you plenty of leads.

If you want to help creating a custom lead capture app for your Facebook page check out my fbPower training and I will help you create and launch a custom app for your page as a free bonus if you join fbPower.

For more ways to get leads with social media check out the infographic below.




How do you get leads with social media? Let me know with a comment below!

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