How to Develop a Powerful Marketing Strategy


An effective marketing strategy is essential for business growth and does three main things for a business:

  1. Captures attention
  2. Builds trust
  3. Creates customers

There is a wide spectrum of activities that can move the needle in each of these three areas and they can be boiled down into three quantifiable metrics: traffic, leads, and sales.

By getting more traffic, leads and sales you will achieve more attention, trust, and customers.

As you develop your marketing strategy I recommend creating a plan to take actions that will maximize your performance in these three areas.

To ensure you improve in these areas you should track your optimization efforts with Google analytics so you can see what is working best.

You can start by writing down a list of actions you can take to move these three core areas forward and then create a calendar where you execute on those activities on a weekly and monthly basis.

On this blog all posts are put into the Get More Traffic, Get More Leads, and Get More Sales categories that they apply to so referring to our content in the area you are focusing on can help you flesh out your action plan and calendar.

Traffic Generation Strategy

A strong traffic generation strategy involves creating and sharing content that is highly shareable and optimized to rank on page one of Google.

Some aspects of an effective traffic generation strategy might include:

  • Blog post publishing
  • Infographic creation and curation
  • Video marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook page management
  • Link building
  • SEO activities (meta tag optimization)

Lead Generation Strategy

The more compelling your lead magnet the more leads you will acquire.

Once your lead magnet is developed there are many ways that you can

  • Lead magnet creation
  • Email opt-in form implementation
  • Landing page development
  • Link building to landing pages
  • Adding annotations to YouTube videos
  • Watermarking images
  • Guest posting
  • Joint venture promotions

Customer Creation Strategy

A customer is not just someone you just make a sale to one time.  The type of customer you should strive to create is someone who is so happy with your product or service they make a custom of buying from you again and again.

Toward that end I recommend making your core offer of the highest possible quality.  Once you have that there are several actions you can take to ramp up your sales online and here are a few:

  • Work on your sales page.  The more you tell the more you sell.
  • Turn a written sales page into a VSL. Video Sales Letters typically convert better.
  • Do limited time offers with countdown timers.
  • Leverage email marketing often. Daily emails are ideal.
  • Have open lines of communication with your prospects and encourage them to contact you.
  • Host webinars and set up evergreen webinar funnels.
  • Set up an affiliate program so other people can refer customers to you for a commission.

Although there is nothing stopping you from developing a Marketing Strategy plan of your own I recommend working with a mentor to help develop a powerful plan since it will help you determine the best actions you take, and the actions you take will directly determine the success you achieve.

I’ve worked with many businesses to develop powerful marketing strategies and I’d love to work with you too.

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