The 2018 Facebook Content Marketing Strategy Guide

Applying a well thought out Facebook content marketing strategy is an awesome way to generate ongoing engagement and interest in your business.

If you apply proven methods for effective content posting these can net you a dramatic increase in the number of likes, comments and shares you are able to get.

This content marketing guide focuses mainly on organic content marketing and for now does not get into boosting posts and using Facebook ads to enhance your Facebook content marketing efforts.

When posting links make sure to take a few moments and edit the link preview to include a quality snippet describing the content and the best image as well.

The Best Time of Week for a Facebook Campaign

In terms of what day of the week should you run a campaign I have found Monday to be the worst day of the week for a campaign and I have found that Thursday and Friday are the best days for a Facebook campaign.

That said to get the best results with your Facebook content marketing strategy you should plan to post new content every day.

I think the reason why pre-weekend campaigns work better is directly is related to the mood of most people on the day of the campaign.

Many people are grumpy on Mondays, whereas on a Thursday or Friday most people are starting to feel the good spirits of a nearby weekend.

Keep your Facebook content frequent, valuable, and dynamic and the more value you create the better results you will get!

Know Your Audience

Digging into your Facebook page insights dashboard is a great way to reveal a ton of powerful data.

The many different aspects of page insights reveals plenty of different information about your page and the people who are a part of it.

If you click on the “People” tab of your insights dashboard (on the left hand side) you will see a graph like the one below that shows the age and gender of your page members.


Under this graph there is additional data showing the top countries, cities, and languages of your page members.

Knowing this information can help you tailor your content to your audience.

Boost Your Facebook Content Marketing Results with Engaging Images

If you are a WordPress blogger you can optimize your content for Facebook by making sure your featured image is square.

Square images show up best in Facebook link previews and help attract more clicks.

Although links are great for getting visitors back to your site I find that Facebook posts containing graphics get better engagement!

Facebook Content Calendar

Create a calendar of content you will be sharing at least 30 days in advance.

When you plan out all of your content at once you will be able to do so much more efficiently than if you do so on an ongoing basis.

For best results experiment with different content types.  Such as:

  • Text only posts
  • Quotes
  • Graphic quotes
  • Links
  • Info Graphics
  • Videos
  • And More

And have a look at your Facebook insights to reveal which posts are giving you the best results.

Focus on Your Featured Image

If you are promoting your blog content one of the most important things you can do is ensure your featured image looks great.

Using a 600 x 600 square image is a smart strategy to go with because this way people can grab your image and share it on Instagram as well.

Facebook has a sharing debugger tool that you can use to preview how your content will look when it is shared.


If your content does not look quite right in the link preview click the “scrape again” button after you update your featured image.

Without telling Facebook to “scrape again” after updating a featured image Facebook will continue to show the old featured image and this will cause your content to be shared less often.

Facebook Featured Image Optimization

The image in the preview above is actually square, as you can see at the top of this post.

Facebook only shows the middle third of the image.

To simplify featured image design I created a Photoshop template that shows the section of the image that will be displayed on Facebook.


Twitter and LinkedIn pull and display only the middle section of a square image as well.

Below shows how the above featured image shows up on LinkedIn (almost the exact same as Facebook.)


If you would like me to send you the featured image template I use you can download it within the Marketing Income Lab, or leave a comment on this post with your email and I will send the .PSD file to you. 🙂

Facebook Content Marketing Link Tip

When posting a Facebook link to Facebook it makes a big difference if you use a link preview, instead of just a plain text link.

The link preview is entirely clickable and has at least 4x the surface area of a regular text link!

If you are a WordPress blogger you can optimize your content for Facebook when you make sure your featured image is square.

Square images show up best in Facebook link previews and helps attract more clicks.

The reason square images are a great way to go is because they have the greatest share potential, as they can also be shared on Instagram and have the potential to spread there.

Watermark Your Images

By watermarking your images with the URL of your website you will be able to drive traffic when people share your images around the web and on Instagram.

The Android app I used to create the watermarks on images I share from my phone is called Add Watermark Free.

Apple has multiple watermark apps as well such as Watermark Photo.

Speaking of Instagram


A great way to improve your Facebook content marketing game is to make your content Instagram friendly.

For an example of how well images share just have a look at Instagram.

If you have an iPhone or Android device and want to get more engagement with your Facebook photos I highly recommend you download and use Instagram.

When you post to Instagram you can simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more.

This saves time and is the best way I have found to post content to the main social networks at once!

Tweet your Instagrams as native photos on Twitter

Networks like Twitter give preference and more real estate in the news feed to images that are uploaded directly to their network, rather than through their competitor Instagram.

To tap into this advantage you can use a tool called IFTTT (If this, then that) you can automatically Tweet your Instagrams as native photos on Twitter.

Using this feature Instagram photos will show up in your Twitter feed as a full image rather than a small link.

For more great Instagram tips check out my post about how to get more Instagram followers and likes.


Which Content Works Best on Facebook

Keep your Facebook content frequent, valuable, and dynamic and the more value you share the better results you will get!


Facebook Content Marketing Infographic

Keep your Facebook content frequent, valuable, and dynamic and the better results you will get!



Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite Facebook content marketing strategy!

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