20 Terrific Brand Awareness Tips and Tactics for 2018


Creating brand awareness is a vital element of successful marketing.

Without awareness of your brand it’s impossible for people to do business with you.

Making people aware of your brand is especially important when faced with stiff competition from rival companies.

When it comes to promoting your brand into the second half of 2018 and beyond there are several things to consider.

Like technology, marketing your brand is ever-changing.

What worked several years ago may not be relevant in today’s quickly evolving world.

By becoming aware of shifts in the marketplace you can be savvy on the tactics to take.

Here are the 20 brand awareness tips and tactics to help you build your brand and take your marketing to the next level.

1. Campaign Consistently

Institute a campaign that has context instead of relying on broad advertisements that issue a slogan.

By being in touch with all those who are publishing reports, discussing capabilities, or writing articles about the organization, you’ll be strengthening brand attention and demonstrating knowledge in your field.

The Rule of 7 in marketing suggests that someone will need to see your business/brand seven times before deciding to do business with you.

By campaigning consistently you shorten the gap it takes to gain the brand awareness needed to get prospects ready to become your customers.

2. Referral Through Partnership


Marketing the business through strategic partnerships helps to get referrals and new customers and clients.

Associating with a similar type of business may is the key here.

You can create brand awareness by delivering valuable content for other blogs by offering to write a valuable guest post.

3. Listening Intentionally

Finding out what motivates your client and customer is a strategy that builds your client base.

Finding out what is truly important is the first step in a strong branding initiative.

Questions as well as feedback and reviews are a means of listening.

4. Short Video Content

Because today’s consumer and client is bombarded with messages, short videos, no longer than one or two minutes, can capture their attention.

To the point and short videos can increase client engagement.

5. Utilize Influencers

Build your brand by identifying 50 to 100 people who influence your category or target market.influence-is-power

Be ready to increase the credibility of these influencers, creating a halo effect through a trusted community.

6. Compelling Strategy: Consumer Surveys

Google Surveys, Surveymonkey, Audience and Pollfish can help reveal what matters most to your consumers.

Asking customers is an effective way of finding answers to the most important questions.

7. Create a Compelling Video

Find a cause that many care about and create a tactful and true video.

Values should not be overlooked when creating a video that shows you care about a cause.

Your brand gains from the positive connection.

Because identities are intertwined with sports, religions and more, finding key topics that are relevant to your consumer is important.


8. Engage the Heart as Well as the Mind Using Imagery

Photos and graphics are a great way to bolster your brand through emotions and positive identification.

With opinions being formed so quickly in our fast-paced worlds, images that elicit a positive response can help your brand.

Engage your customer using quality images and graphics.

Snappa, Pikiz or Venngage are a few places you can use to create and curate compelling images.

9. Offer a Free Version

Many online products engage the consumer by first offering a free version.

With an option to upgrade to the paid version, the consumer has a chance to become aware of your brand before they buy.

Customers have to invest their attention into your business before they buy from you with money.

10. Ever Thought About Car Wraps?

This form of advertising is constant and a way to get your brand out to people in various locations.

Attracting attention, car wraps bring familiarity of your brand with every block traveled.

You can begin with your own vehicle and later branch out.

Brand Awareness Tips 11-20

Brand awareness essentially entails making your business known to many consumers, who will not only associate certain images and slogans with your business but also have a profound association with the products and services offered by you business.

The more aware people are of your brand the more likely your brand is to influence decisions made by consumers when choosing between products or services offered by competing firms.

Not surprisingly, most mega brands like Apple and Nike have adopted brand awareness as a vital marketing asset and have consequently raked in great profits.

By taking advantage of what psychologists call the “subconscious shortcut” brands that employ brand awareness in their marketing have effectively increased brand loyalty.10-Simple-Ways-to-Increase-Your-Brand-Awareness-Infographic

According to Statisca, Apple had a whopping 46% of the smartphone market share in the U.S.A despite its relatively low speed devices when compared to other cheaper, less-known alternatives.


The brand awareness tactics shared above are very relevant to today’s world.

With valuable content, compelling images, and consistent publishing you can create familiarity with your brand that will stand the test of time.

About the Author

Caryl Anne Crowne is a contributing author and media specialist for Allegra Marketing.

She regularly produces content for a variety of blogs that center around digital business solutions and ideas.

Employing brand awareness can be easy and fun!

The more you do to make people aware of your brand the better.

By adding value, sharing visuals like infographics, and using other channels to get your message out you can spread the awareness of your brand far and wide.

About the Inforgraphic Author

Frank Ouyang is the chief manager and co-founder of Panda Paper Roll Company, a paper roll supplier and mobile payment solution provider. In addition to his love for paper industry, Frank is also dedicated to helping small business entrepreneurs to run better businesses.

Panda Paper Roll Company has made this cool Infographic about 10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness “ by employing these 10 brand awareness techniques, your company can be the talk of town too.


What is your favorite way to build brand awareness?

Have you used any of the marketing strategies in this post?

Let us know your favorite brand awareness tips in a comment below.

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