INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness


Brand awareness is a vital element of marketing.

Without awareness of your brand it’s impossible for people to do business with you.

Making people aware of your brand is especially important when faced with stiff competition from rival companies.

Brand awareness essentially entails making your business known to many consumers, who will not only associate certain images and slogans with your business but also have a profound association with the products and services offered by you business.

The more aware people are of your brand the more likely your brand is to influence decisions made by consumers when choosing between products or services offered by competing firms.

Not surprisingly, most mega brands and industries have adopted brand awareness as a vital marketing asset and have consequently raked in great profits. Apple, Coca-cola and Nike are just a few examples of such companies.

By taking advantage of what psychologists call the “subconscious shortcut” brands that employ brand awareness in their marketing have effectively increased brand loyalty.10-Simple-Ways-to-Increase-Your-Brand-Awareness-Infographic

According to, Apple had a whopping 46% of the smartphone market share in the U.S.A despite its relatively low speed devices when compared to other cheaper, less-known alternatives.


Employing brand awareness can be easy and fun!

The more you do to make people aware of your brand the better.

By adding value, sharing visuals like infographics, and using other channels to get your message out you can spread the awareness of your brand far and wide.

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Frank Ouyang is the chief manager and co-founder of Panda Paper Roll Company, a paper roll supplier and mobile payment solution provider. In addition to his love for paper industry, Frank is also dedicated to helping small business entrepreneurs to run better businesses.

Panda Paper Roll Company has made this cool Infographic about 10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness “ by employing these 10 brand awareness techniques, your company can be the talk of town too.


What is your favorite way to build brand awareness? Let me know with a comment below!

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