101 Excellent Ways to Get More Traffic For Your Website


Discovering how to get more traffic for your website is vital for the successful survival of your site.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any successful site on the web.

Without traffic your online business will be as dead as a ghost town.  The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right actions you can get plenty of traffic and your online business will thrive.

In this article I dive into 101 ways to get more traffic for your website so you can drive more traffic to your website and your online brand can thrive.

Before I dive into the tips I want to mention a quote that can help you get plenty of traffic if you keep it in mind:

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want. -Zig Ziglar

Traffic is what you want, and answers is what your visitors want.  Focus on providing the very best answers and to be as helpful as possible about whatever topic you are covering and that is most of the battle.

How you want to deliver your solution is up to you: video, audio, images, and text are all good mediums.

Google is the 900 Pound Gorilla of Traffic

Another blog I own is TwitterToolsBook.com.  The blog is about Twitter tips and tools, and I get a healthy amount of traffic from Twitter.

Despite my blog being about Twitter, Google is still by far my #1 source of traffic.

The image below shows just how dominant Google is in terms of traffic referral, even for a social media blog.


If you want to get traffic you should aim to optimize for Google since that is where the majority of your traffic will come from.

Focus on producing quality content and you will gain traction in Google, plus pick up social media shares and traffic along the way.

I hope the 101 tips in this article help you drive plenty of traffic to your website. Enjoy!

Get More Traffic With SEO

Since Google is the #1 traffic referral channel I will start by sharing my top tips for getting your content to rank in Google.

1. Start with a Good Domain

A good domain is an advertisement and a lead magnet in and of itself.

.com domains are your best bet, but since millions of them are already taken it might take some time to find one that you like.

Godaddy is where I buy all of my domains.

Use Google’s keyword planner and do some keyword research before you buy your domain and try to include keywords with good search volume.  Make sure you select the [exact match] type of keyword so you get accurate results.

Choosing a great domain is one of the most important things you can do to help your online brand succeed so if you need to choose a domain check out these 20 tips for finding a great domain.

2. Use a WordPress Blog

WordPress is the largest blogging platform in the world for many reasons and one of them is because it optimizes very well in Google.

Even a standard WordPress site can get great results in Google and for best results you should go with a Self-Hosted WordPress website so you can take advantage of the massive power of custom themes and powerful plugins.

WordPress is a powerhouse, driving tens of millions of blogs online.  WordPress is also used by more of the top 100 blogs than any other platforms.

3. Create Better Content Than What is Currently Ranking #1 in Googlenumber-1

Content that goes above and beyond attracts traffic naturally due to the immense value that it delivers.

When you are producing a post do a few Google searches about the topic you are covering.

For example while writing this post I have been researching posts about how to get more traffic and other similar keyword phrases to make sure that I have the best content possible for this post.

Epic content is not rocket science, it simply takes plenty of research to develop something that outdoes everyone else’s effort in a particular area.

4. Use the Free Yoast SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin uses a traffic light system to analyze your blog posts.

It works by getting you to enter a target keyword and then optimize your post for that keyword and other important factors.

It also gives you complete control over how your post or page will preview in Google so you can optimize your Google preview snippet and attract more clicks.


5. Select a Focus Keyword

Select a focus keyword for your post and enter it into the Yoast SEO plugin.

Your focus keyword should describe the content you are covering and also align with what people are searching for in Google.

After you have decided on a keyword make sure to include it in your post title, URL, Google snippet, and in your post content.

Yoast will analyze your content and let you know where you still need to optimize for the focus keyword you have chosen.

6. Optimize Your Google Snippet

The Google Snippet is the part of your post that is shown in Google search results.

You can get more traffic by optimizing your Google snippet to include your focus keyword and feature a call to action in your meta description.

Tell your readers to CLICK and check out your post and you stand a better chance of getting people to click than if you simply had some words describing the content in your post.

7. Create Long List Posts

Create list posts with more points about the topic you are covering than you can find anywhere else.

Since Google’s explicit goal is to “organize the worlds information” if you do that for them and organize the best info about the topic you are covering you give your topic the best chance of ranking for that post.

8. Use Multiple Images in Your Posts

Images make posts more enjoyable and memorable so make sure your posts feature plenty of good looking graphics.

To get a boost from Google from these images make sure the image name features the keywords you are aiming to rank for.

For added SEO benefits include keywords in the image “alt” tag as well.

9. Tag Your Posts

Adding plenty of relevant tags to your blog posts will help you get more traffic from Google.

Every time you tag a post it creates a “Tag page” for your tag and these will often rank in Google.

For this reason you should use title case and capitalize the first letter of words you use as tags since this will help attract clicks when tag pages rank in Google.


I remember listening to a podcast with Pete Cashmore, founder of the massive blog Mashable, and he was asked the question “If you could go back in time what would you have done differently?” His answer was: “I would have added more tags to my posts.”

10. Write Awesome Headlines for Your Posts

The headline you write is by far the most important part of your post.

For your content to gain traction on social media you need to have a post title that people actually want to click.

Writing great headlines is a skill worth learning so check out this post I wrote about how to write mind blowing headlines.

Get More Traffic With Social Media and Other Methods

11. Set up a Facebook Pagefacebook-content-marketing-strategy-guide-billboard

Build an audience on Facebook and share your new posts with your Facebook fans.

Invite your friends to join your page and take other actions to get people to like your page.

To get rapid fan growth from your website make sure to install a Facebook Like Box “above the fold” so that it is visible to all visitors to your website.

To get the most traffic from the links you share on Facebook check out the Facebook Content Marketing Strategy Guide.

12. Start a Newsletter (Build an Email List)

An email list is an exceptionally powerful way to drive traffic at the click of a button, build a community around your site, and make sales.

Building an email list requires an Email Service provider. I recommend Aweber since they are very user friendly, have great customer service, and have a powerful form building tool.

You can get started with Aweber for $1.aweber

Aweber’s form tool is important because great looking forms are vital to helping you build the biggest email list possible, which will be able to send you droves of traffic at the push of a button.

If you are on a tight budget you can get started Email Marketing with MailChimp for free, if your list has under 500 people on it. Be warned though, MailChimp customer service is pretty much non-existent, and from my experience it is impossible to get someone on the phone.

13. Set up an Auto-responder Email Series

An Autoresponder is an email marketing tool that automatically sends emails to a subscriber in specific time insterals after they sign up to your email list.

I use Aweber to delpoy my autoresponders, and I have a different autoresponder series set up for every active blog that I own.

Ideally, you should have an autoresponder email for every important article on your blog.

Every email you write in your autoresponder should have a call to action designed to get the reader to click through to your site.

14. Create an Infographic

I have seen many Infographics go viral.

If you have a little bit of design skill you can take stats about any topic spin them into a cool image, and then sit back and relax as your infographic is shared all over the web.

Make sure to include a url to your website within the infographic so that you can still get credit and traffic when your infographic is re-blogged elsewhere on the web.

15. Write a Free eBook

If you have blog posts already you can simply copy and paste your content into a document, then convert it to a .pdf, and just like that you’ll have an eBook!

eBooks have a high percieved value and are a great way to build your email list.

I use this strategy with my free eBook The Social Media Strategy Guide.

16. Write a Roundup Post

Write a post that rounds up a bunch of awesome people in your niche.

This strategy is an effective way to build relationships with influencers, if you reach out to them and let them know you are promoting their content.

Building relationships with influencers often leads to them returning the favor by blogging or tweeting about you and sending traffic your way.

17. Interview Experts in Your Niche

By interviewing an expert in your niche not only will you will get more traffic when the people you interview share the content they helped to create with their audience.

Expert interviews are great because not only do you produce diverse content, you will also be building powerful relationships in the process.

18. Get More Traffic From Twitter

Twitter is a huge source of traffic for me, second only to Google.

Make sure your blog is optimized for Twitter and features tweet buttons, and a follow button so people can follow you.

How much traffic you get on Twitter depends on your reach, which is determined largely by how many retweets you get.

Luckily for you I’ve written an extensive post about how to get more retweets.

19. More Followers and Likes Lead to More Traffic

Your goal with Twitter should be to network and build relationships, and these relationships will lead to traffic to your tweets.

More followers = more retweets = more traffic.

People often follow the followers of these folks so every time you use this strategy you will pick up some new followers.

To discover my best secrets for growing your network check out these epic posts I wrote about how to get more Twitter followers and get more Facebook page likes.

20. Leverage Facebook

By putting your traffic where users spend most of their time online you have the best chance of it being viewed.

Currently people in North America spend more time on Facebook than any other website.

If you do not have a Facebook page yet for your website you are seriously missing out on a huge source of traffic!

21. Give Away Free Stuff

Giving away high quality free stuff is a powerful way to drive traffic to your website, generate leads for your business, and make sales.

If you give someone $10 of value for free and then suggest a product for $1 people will be much more likely to buy compared to if you simply asked them for the $1 sale.

Free content is often shared, and the more value your free offer is the better your chances are of your content being shared virally.

22. Create a .pdf Cheatsheet

Cheatsheets are documents with a bunch of important information about a subject that is intelligently organized so that someone can easily find the information they need.

People love content like this in .PDF format and if you create it the is a good chance that it will be shared.

23. Hold a Contest for Subscribers

You can do a one-time or a monthly contest where you give away a gift, like an amazon gift card, to one of your subscribers.

Offer this gift to the person who refers the most traffic to your squeeze page.  You can track the traffic with bit.ly links.  Encourage competition to get several people trying hard to send you traffic and win the prize.

24. Comment Contest

Another cool way to do a contest is to give a prize to whoever leaves the best comment on one of your posts.

This strategy can cause some serious attention to be attracted to the conversation taking place.  I recommend installing a commenting plugin like Livefyre so people can easily share their comments to FB and Twitter.

25. Content Contest

Ask users to create a piece of content to enter your contest.

With the viral nature of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter a contest like this could attract plenty of attention and net you a ton of traffic and many subscribers in the process.

Get users to upload a picture to your page, or a video, and this will not only bring you traffic it will make your community members feel more connected with your brand.

26. Traffic Contest

Earlier this year I won a free ticket worth $2,999 to an SEO contest by being the person who sent the most traffic to the contest page.

The way this can be done is by each user having their own bit.ly url. All bit.ly urls have built in analytics that can be accessed by adding a + to the end of the link.

27. Curate Content

Even if you did not create the original graphics or do the original research by curating the content of other you can still add value and attract traffic.

Infographic round ups, for example, are one of the easiest ways to create compelling content.

Simply download a few infographics about a topic and then upload them to your blog and you are good to go.

28. Install Social Sharing Plugins

At the very least your website should have Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons.

Share this offers a cool button that allows your users to share content to Facebook and Twitter, and a variety of other content hubs.

29. Start a Podcast

A Podcast is an excellent way to get content out to the millions of people with iPods and other Apple products.

Podcasts are a form of magnetic content that will allow you to build up an audience who you can form a strong relationships with.

These listeners actually hear your voice they are more likely to feel connected to you than if they simply read your content.

30. Ask People to Stumble Your Posts

StumbleUpon can be a huge source of traffic if your content catches on.

A great way to get your content going on StumbleUpon is to ask your friends to stumble it.

StumbleUpon recently surpassed Facebook to become the #1 referrer of social media traffic online, so it is worth your time to integrate StumbleUpon into your site with StumbleUpon buttons and badges.


31. Write Guest Posts

Reach out to bloggers with audiences bigger than your own and ask them if they would like you to write a post for their blog.

Even if this strategy does not convert to a huge influx of visitors, it will get you quality backlinks that will boost the ranking of your site in Google.

The bonus of this strategy is that you will build relationships in the process.

32. SocialAdr

SocialAdr is a social bookmarking service that allows you to have your bookmark shared by others in the community if you share the content of others.


Users are able to choose the content that they bookmark, and whenever a site is bookmarked SocialAdr automatically bookmarks it on multiple bookmarking sites (over 20) at once.

33. OnlyWire

OnlyWire is a tool that allows you to send your content to up to 45 social sharing sites at once.


To use OnlyWire you must download an OnlyWire submitter to send your content to the different social networking and bookmarking sites, and this program works on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

34. Install Facebook Like and Share Buttonsfacebook-like

Facebook like and share buttons are an excellent way to get people to share your content with the click of a button.

On this blog I use the plugins Floating Social Bar and AddThis Smart Layers to add the Facebook Likes and Share buttons to this post.

35. Link to Your Site in Your Email Signature

Every email you send is an opportunity to get traffic to your site.

Set up a custom signature with a link to your website, and the title of your site, and there is a good chance that it will get clicked.

The tool wisestamp allows you to add images and icons linking to your social profiles as well.

36. Customize your 404 error page

Hopefully your visitors never see your 404 page, but it is bound to happen as your site grows so it’s best to be prepared with a custom designed 404 page that suggests other content to your visitor, so they don’t bounce from your site.

37. Interlink your Pages

The more links you have within your content to other content on your site the better your site will rank in Google, which will mean more traffic for you.

Takeaway: Interlink the pages on your site as often as is relevant.

38. Emphasize your Popular Content

Make it easy for your visitors to find your best content.

The more visitors that check out your best content the better, since this is the content that they are most likely to share, which will bring you even more content.

Here is a Heat Map developed by Google that shows where users view a webpage the most.


To maximize subscribers experiment with the placement of your opt-in form, and try moving your sidebar to the left, instead of the right.  I found that this conversion strategy worked great for my blog Smart Online Success.

39. Test your Website in all Popular Browsers

The tool browser shots allows you to see what your website looks like in different web browsers. I use the firefox and chrome browsers exclusively, but Internet Explorer is still the most widely used browser out there.

Different browsers will render websites differently so it is best to check and make sure that your site looks okay because a messed up site will cost you visitors.

40. Speed up your Website

When a website takes more than a few seconds to load some visitors will leave simply because they are impatient.

Google has revealed that site speed is a factor in their ranking algorithm.

I recommend installing the w3 cache plugin if you have a WordPress.org blog.

Optimizing images with Yahoo’s smush.it lossless image compression tool will also help.

41. Optimize your Images

Size, alt tags, and title are three ways that you can optimize your images so that they are found by image search engines, such as Google Images.

You can also optimizing images so that your site loads faster by using the lossless compression tool jpeg mini.

42. Get Quality Website Hosting

With shoddy website hosting your traffic might not have a site to visit.

Don’t mess around with Hosting, go with a host that is well established and has great customer service.

The web host I recommend is BlueHost.

43. Build Backlinks

Quality over quantity is a truth that applies to link building.

One link from an authority site can do more for your site than 1,000 low quality links.

One place to find affordable SEO deals is the website fiverr.com.

44. Build Backlinks with Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a great way to get your content in front of many different people, and direct them back to your site.

In the signature section of articles you are able to build links and send traffic back to your site.

I recommend using the links in your signature to send traffic to a squeeze page with a relevant opt in offer.

I am currently using the paid service Distribute Your Articles  to sending your articles to many different content hubs across the web, allowing me to build many backlinks at once, and I will write a post in the near future about how well this service works to increase search engine rankings.

45. Use the Free Traffic System

The Free Traffic System is a tool that publishes your content and backlinks to blogs that are relevant to your niche.

Relevant links are worth more than irrelevant links so this system does indeed increase the rank of your site in Google.

46. Title Tag Optimization

By ensuring that your Title tags include the keywords that you are trying to rank for you will increase your chances of ranking in Google and getting traffic from searches containing those keywords.

47. Take Advantage of Mobile Traffic

There are over 4,600,000,000 mobile phones in the world and many of them are smart phones with Internet Access.

By optimizing your content for mobile you will be ready to take advantage of the plentifu; amounts of mobile traffic.

A great way to optimize your site for mobile devices is with the WPtouch plugin for WordPress.

48. Install a Forum

Forums are a great way to build a community around your site and in the process get plenty of user generated content.

Simple machines is free forum software that you should consider, and the best paid option out there is vBulletin.

49. Post Links on highly visible Facebook Pages

Craigslist forums are highly visible, and a great place where you can get the word out and drive some traffic to your site.squidoo

50. Squidoo

Squidoo is a Web 2.0 site that allows you to create “lenses” that tend to rank very well in the search engines.

Link back to your website and there is a good chance that you will get some serious traffic as a result.

51. Hubpages

Hubpages is very much like Squidoo, only instead of creating “lenses” you create “hubs.”

Another important difference between these two web 2.0 portals is Hubpasges is more strict about duplicate content, so if you are going to post similar content to both Squidoo and Hubpages, post to Hubpages first.

Like lenses, hubs rank very well in the search engines and can be a great way to direct traffic to your site.

52. Add your Site to Directories

By adding your site to directories you will be able to pick up some high quality backlinks that will help your site rank well in Google

Check out strongestlinks.com for a list of directories that you can add your site to.

53. Add your Blog to Blog Directories

There are directories for blogs only and by adding your blog not only will you be getting link juice you should also get traffic from people who are browsing the directory.

54. Build Links with Other Web Masters

One way links are more powerful that two way links so if you have two sites then build links with other bloggers by linking to them with one site and having them link to the other.This way you both get one way links.

If you have three or more blogs you can apply this same strategy internally.

55. Do Ad Swaps with Other People in Your Niche

Ad swaps are a form of cross-promotion and a powerful way to build your email list while building relationships in the process.

The way ad swaps work is you find someone in your niche with a similar sized email list and you send an email about their opt-in offer, and they do the same for you.

Not only will you get the initial traffic to your opt-in page you will also get repeat traffic as you send emails to your new subscribers.

56. Press Releases

Press releases are a good way to get many links at once and potentially get the attention of main stream media in the process.

There are several paid PR services and a free solution I have heard mentioned a few times is called PRLOG.

57. JV Partners

If you have a product an awesome way to promote it is by finding other people in your niche and partnering with them to promote it.

JV stands for Joint Venture, and a JV works when both parties involved promote each others product.

58. Keyword Research

By using the Google Keyword Planner you will be able to find keywords that are relevant to you with a low level of competition.

Traffic Travis is free SEO software that can show you exactly how many back links your competitors have so that you know how many you will need to build in order to outrank them.

59. Google AdWords

PPC Advertising is a good want to go if you have a sales funnel.

When paying for traffic it makes the most sense not to send traffic directly to your homepage, but instead to send it to an optimized landing page or “squeeze page” where there is a single call to action  such as subscribing to your newsletter so you can follow up via email.

60. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are awesome because you can hyper target your market.

You can choose to direct your ads to any age group, in any region of the world, who”like” pretty much anything.

Due to Facebook’s massive user base you will probably still have a large group to market to even when you drill down to your ideal prospect.

61. Syndicate Content to StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is now the #1 referrer of social media traffic, and has over 25 million users.

Entertaining and highly visual content stumbles well, so if your website features this type of compelling content you should certainly look in to StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon paid discovery (ads) is one way to get more views on StumbleUpon, and this solution has already been used by over 60,000 advertisers.  Investing into StumbleUpon Ads can be a way to get the ball rolling and start your content going viral.

62. Solo Newsletter Ads

Solo ads are a list building technique. How they work is you pay a list owner and they mail a list for you.

Make sure to find a list owner with a very good reputation, and preferably one who guarantees a certain amount of clicks.

63. Purchase Ads on a Website

There are many website owners who have invested plenty into building their blog and brand, but are willing to sell ad space for very cheap.

Send the site owner an email and you might be surprised at how cheap you can purchase hyper targeted traffic for.

Of course, you should link these ads to an optimized landing page.

64. Paid Site Review

By getting a problogger to review your site you can pick up quality backlinks and benefit from the exposure to their community.

I am willing to do a thorough review of your site and share it with my followers for $40, which is a pretty sweet deal since I often get more than this to send a single tweet.

If you are interested in me reviewing your site contact me, and I can certainly send some traffic your way.

There are many other bloggers who do reviews as well and you can find some of them at sponsoredreviews.com.

65. Business Cards

Make sure to include your url on your business card and let people know about your site when you give it to them.

66. Give out Swag Promoting Your URL

Everyone loves swag.

Make the swag you dish out as cool as possible so that people actually wear it.

If you just give out a plain t-shirt with your logo there is a good chance that it will end up in the trash.

Go to threadless.com for some inspiration.

67. Post Content on a Regular Basis

Regular content helps create an audience who regularly visits your blog.

Try to get your next few posts in the hopper so that you can always get your content out on the same day even if your week gets crazy and you don’t have a chance to create new content.

68. Be Controversial

Take a stand. The world belongs to the bold.

69. Choose a Smart Domain

Having a domain with the keywords you are trying to rank in Google for gives you a step up on everyone else trying to rank for those words.

The keywords in your domain are the strongest single signal you can send to Google regarding what your website is about.

70. Add a Translation Widget to Your Site

Want non-english speaking traffic?

Take advantage of traffic from non-English speakers with the Google Translate Tool.

71. Submit your Site to Search Engines

If your site is new make sure you manually submit it to Google, Yahoo, and BING, so that they know to crawl it on a regular basis.

If you have a WordPress blog take your Google XML Sitemap from your SEO plugin and upload this to Google Webmaster Tools.

72. Alltop

Alltop is Guy Kawasaki’s creation that does a pretty good job of syndicating all of the top stories about a huge variety of topics.

Submit your site and it provides another place for visitors to find you.

73. DMOZ

DMOZ is a huge directory and getting listed with them holds alot of weight in the search engines.

Every new link to DMOZ is manually reviewed, and few are accepted, so you may or may not be included but it is still worth a try.

74. Put Your Website Everywhere

Don’t be afraid to do a little bit of Guerilla Marketing.

Get business cards with an incentive for people to visit your site on them and leave them everywhere.

Go to an auto detailer and get a decal of your url for your car.

Get stickers with your url on them and stick them on people.

Do whatever it takes to get people to your site! 🙂

75. Ask your Readers for Feedback

What are some traffic tips that I could have mentioned in this post? Let me know in the comments below.

How else can I improve this site? Don’t be afraid to ask people what they think of your site and you might get some great feedback.

The better you can make your site the more visitors you will get over time from repeat visitors, and people spreading the word by word of mouth.

76. Track your Rank in the Search Engines

If you are regularly checking your rank in Google there is a good chance that you will make more effort to improve it.

Market Samurai has a rank checker tool that works great, or if you are looking for a less robust solution you can go with the free Rank Checker firefox plugin.

77. Get Guest Bloggers

My Blog Guest is a community of guest bloggers looking for blogs to write on.

For more guest blogging tips be sure to check out this post I wrote about 10 Great Guest Posting Tips for More Traffic and Links.

78. Get an Awesome Design

If your site has a stellar design it will increase the chances that your visitors will come back for more.

A great design starts with a great Theme, if you are on WordPress a developer I recommend is Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes are premium themes that you have to pay for but there are plenty of quality free themes out there as well if you are willing to do some digging.

79. Join a Forum Relevant to Your Niche

Forums are an awesome way to build your brand by helping people, and learn from other people who have already “been there and done that.” If you are interested in Internet Marketing I recommend checking out the Warrior Forum.

80. Distribute Your Content

Content distribution is a smart way to get more traffic by spreading your content across the web, and build links back to your site.

You can distribute your posts manually, or you can hire someone to do this for you.

Link back to your original post so that Google does not remove distributed pages for being duplicate content.

81. Network with Other Bloggers in Your Niche

The more relationships you build with other bloggers you can build, the better.

Go to blogging events and network with as many people as possible.

Tweetups are a great way to get more traffic and in the process meet people if you are on Twitter.

Eventcast is a cool way to keep up with the events your friends are attending.

Knowing influencers is immeasurably valuable, and the reason why elite conferences like Shoemoney’s Elite Retreat and Yanik Silver’s Internet Marketing conference sell out despite a price tag on the tickets of thousands of dollars.

82. Install Google Analytics and Optimize Your Site

Google Analytics is easy to install into your site, and once you do you will be able to track a variety of variables that will give you insight into how to optimize your site.

If you have a WordPress blog the plugin Google Analyticator makes it exceptionally easy to install the Google Analytics tracking code.

By looking at the exit paths of visitors, for example, you can see which pages should be tweaked to prevent people from bouncing from your site.

82. Comment on other blogs

Comment on big blogs, like Mashable or TechCrunch, so your comment will have the most visibility. Try to be the first person to comment when possible.

Make sure to include a link to your URL in the website section and to add value with your content so you attract attention and get more traffic with the comments that you post.

83. Add your Blog to Technorati

Technorati used to matter much more than it does today in the blogosphere, but adding your blog to Technorati is still a very real asset.technorati-logo

Once you do this all of your blog posts will be imported into Technorati, thus giving your site powerful backlinks from an authority site every time you publish a post.

84. Spy on Your Competitors Links

Go to Google and search for the keywords you are trying to rank for.  Once you know the pages that out rank you it’s time to spy on their backlinks.

To do this go to Yahoo (they show more results than Google) and type in

link:pageurl -site:domain.com

This will show you the links that are pointing to this page so that you can attempt to duplicate them.

Other sites like Ahrefs and spyfu give back link insights as well but you have to pay for complete reports.

85. Encourage Active Commenting

Answering comments with a question is a good way to keep the conversation going.

The first comment is often the hardest one to get, and to hedge against this a strategy I have seen used is for bloggers to break the ice by being the first to comment in the own post.

Ask people what they think about the post you wrote, don’t put them down if they disagree, and you’ll have plenty of comments in no time.

86. Write about Twitter

From my experience I have seen that content that deals with Twitter tends to be shared on Twitter very liberally.

Writing about Facebook tends to retweet quite well also, and posts about Facebook are also “Liked” liberally on Facebook.

87. Avoid a Ton of Ads

Ads send traffic elsewhere on the web, and once your visitors click away they may never return.

If you’re thinking about installing AdSense try thinking about something else. AdSense is often called “the bloggers welfare program” since it sends your hard earned traffic elsewhere for pennies a click.

A saying I came up with, which relates to smart blog building, is “popularize, then monetize.”

I recommend building your email list and content base before you consider installing ads.

88. Include at Least one Picture in Every Page on Your Site

Pictures say a thousand words, so use them liberally.

If you have budget then consider buying stock images from places like iStockPhoto.

Even if you don’t have cash to spend on images a quick Google image search will likely reveal an image that will work well for you.

89. Befriend the Giants

Twitter is a great platform for reaching out to people with bigger networks than your own.

Befriend and mention people with far bigger networks than your own and you will attract some of their audience when they retweet you.

90. Check for Broken Links

Use this link checker tool to scan your website and point out the broken pieces.

91. Start a Fight with Another Blogger

Don’t agree with everything you read.

If you disagree with another blogger, say so.

Everyone likes to watch a good fight, so this tactic can bring plenty of traffic your way if you can create a scene with a big blogger.

92. Write Easy to Read Posts

List posts work well, and the same goes for posts with short and simple sentences.

93. Get an Icon for Your Site

This one won’t get you mountains of traffic, but it will help with both traffic and consistent branding.

Personally I only bookmark websites with favicons, and the sites I bookmark get more traffic from me.

I recommend using the favicon.cc tool for an easy way to make a favicon.

WordPress now has a built in section where you can add a site icon, so long as it is 512 pixels and a square image.  Once uploaded it automatically re-sizes to display the correct icon for when your site is bookmarked on a mobile device, tablet, or PC.

94. Write for the Reader, Don’t Just Try to Make Google Happy

Right now my articles that get the most traffic from Google are the ones that have been shared the most on Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon.

Sometimes when people are trying to rank for certain keywords they stuff those keywords into the content in an unnatural way.

Keyword stuffing tells your readers that you don’t care about them, and visitors will probably not return if they feel like you could care less that they are reading your content.

I recommend including your keywords only a few times in your content; once near the beginning of your article, once at the end, and in the Title. If you have your keywords in these three places, and in the URL, that is all you need.

Write your articles in a way that will be the most valuable for the person reading it.

By writing for the reader you increase the chances that your content will be shared, and sharing is more of a factor in Google’s algorithm now than ever before.

95. Help People

If you make helping people the primary goal of your blog you will build up a following before long.

The people who you help will sing your praises on social media and will tell their friends about your blog.

96. Write a Post Every Day

If you write a post every day you stand a great chance at building up a strong readership, since people will check back often, knowing that there will always be fresh content.

All of the massive blogs on the net publish content daily.

94. Encourage Guest Posters

More content leads to more traffic.

One way to get more content is by encouraging other people post on your blog.

We accept guest bloggers here on Marketing Strategy HQ so if you are interested in tapping into our traffic contact me and let’s work together! 🙂

95. Make the Most of Your Marketing

Without an effective marketing strategy your business is doomed to fail.

But with an effective marketing strategy their is no limit to your success.

Apply the strategies in this post to get tons of traffic and you’ll be well on your way to success.

96. Be Persistent

Rome was not built in a day.

Persistence is how you overcome resistance and is what separates the winning websites that enjoy the majority of traffic, leads, and profits, from the millions of blogs that stagnate and die.

The more you put into your blog the more you will get out of it.

97. Write Epic List Posts

List posts cater to the short attention span that our generation has developed. They are very scan able and easy to write.

I write lists posts first by writing the list points, and then by filling in the details once I have my list down.

Get More Traffic With Video

Videos can be an amazing way to drive traffic, and since these often feature you in them they can also be a great way to build trust with your audience and convert more leads and sales.

With written posts longer content will help you get better results, however with videos the opposite is true.

You will typically get better results with video if you publish several short videos, rather than a few long ones.

Ten 5 minute videos will give you a better opportunity for traffic than one fifty minute video will, even though both contain the same length of video.

98. Create a Channel and Publish YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, and they are owned by Google.

Be sure to track which of your videos get viewed and make sure that when a video gets more than a few views that you use the “annotation” feature of YouTube to add a call of action for viewers to go to the site where you want to drive your traffic.

Interlinking your videos with annotations can help you pick up more views and traffic as well.

Make sure to include a link to your website in the profile information of your channel.

99. Watermark Your Videos

A watermark is an image overlay on top of a video.

Before I publish any of my videos I watermark them with the URL of the domain I want to drive traffic to with a video editing program.

I use the screen capture video software Camtasia to add my watermark.

Camtasia works on PC’s and Mac’s and comes with a free 30 day trial.

100. Produce Screencast Videos

I find that Screencast Videos are an excellent way to produce video content that you can use to attract visitors to your website.

Camtasia is great way to go, and Jing is another powerful option, if you are looking for a more affordable option (Jing is only $10 a year).

One way to entice users to check out your website with a screencast is by at the end of the video surfing to your website and talking for a short while about the cool things that visitors can find on your site.

101. Syndicate Your Videos with OneLoadtube-mogul-distribution

Although the bulk of your video views will likely come from YouTube, by syndicating your video content to other video sites with OneLoad you will be able to pick up a considerable amount of niche traffic to your site.

When you are setting up your accounts on each of the different video channels be sure to include a link back to your website in your profile.


Clearly there are plenty of ways to get more traffic for your website online.

The important thing is to start taking action and executing.

Make a habit of taking action and before long you’ll see the results start to happen!

Good luck applying plenty of traffic attraction tactics. 🙂


If you like this post leave a comment below and share it with your friends!

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    Great insight and quite a long post with great tips. But their is something you did’t mention which is time and persistance which is the major factor to success. I have seen internet marketer give up on a good marketing strategy simply because it’s not giving them immediate result. All those tips of yours can only work with time, persistance and working smart not hard.

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    Great Info again Garin, thanks this is a great list 🙂

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  103. leejtyler June 24, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

    Hey Garin, This is a great article! Can I also get this in pdf format? Lots of work went into this and I appreciate it!

  104. Ravi Anthony April 25, 2013 at 6:33 am #

    Awesome article .I am going to try most of things which are mentioned in the article. Thanks Garin for this amazing post.

  105. MemmaCopywriter April 25, 2013 at 5:32 am #

    Inspirational. I’m chomping at the bit to get started on some of these tips now. Thanks 🙂

  106. JeremyCampbell April 24, 2013 at 2:58 pm #


    • Garin April 24, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

      JeremyCampbell Thanks Jeremy! 🙂 It’s the first of many.


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