Side by Side Social Media Stats Infographic for 2017


Recently my friend Keith texted me an awesome social media stats infographic that looked at six of the largest social media sites and compared stats and facts between them.

I loved the Infographic but I noticed that some of the stats were off and when I dug deeper I found that the Infographic had old data and was from 2014.

So I set to work and updated all of the stats in the infographic so that the social media infographic is up to date for 2017.

You might be wondering what this social media stats infographic has to do with marketing strategy.  Quite a lot actually.  Knowing which social media sites are growing will give you some insight as to which social media sites you should be allocating the most time to in your marketing strategy.

Social Media Stats Infographic 2017social-media-stats-infographic-2017

Here are the core stats from the Infographic:

  • Pinterest  150 Million Active Users (+80 Million Active Users)
  • Twitter  313 Million Active Users (-247 Million Active Users)
  • Facebook – 1.86 Billion Active Users (+860 Million Active Users)
  • Instagram – 600 Million Users (+450 Million Active Users)
  • Google+ – 375 Million Active Users (-25 Million Active Users)
  • LinkedIn – 240 Million Active Users (+227 Million Active Users)

Based on these stats Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have had the most growth so it makes sense to make sure you are actively publishing on these networks so you can gain traction from the webs leading social platforms.

To see how social media has changed over the past three years in a graphical format you can look at the original social media stats infographic design below from 2014.

Statistics Source Note: All of the stats above were obtained directly from the newsroom pages for each of the social media sites.  The only data that was obtained from a third party was the Google+ user data and the 6,000 tweets per second stat.

Social Media Stats 2014 Infographic



It’s interesting to see that not all of the major social media sites are growing.  Apparently Twitter and Google+ are losing active users, although this might be due to changing definitions of what an “active” user is.

An interesting observation from this social media stats infographic is that even though Twitter has fewer active users there is more content being published today than there was three years ago, when there were 247 million more active users.


What is the most interesting social media stat to you from the social media infographic above? Let me know with a comment below.

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